I was told I would never walk again. But I decided to defeat the odds.
I’m Chris Norton, and I unlocked the Power to Stand.
You have that power, too.

Whether I’m inspiring people to change their lives, or helping them access recovery resources through my foundation, my purpose is to help others overcome any challenge they face. Life isn’t about getting knocked down – it’s about getting back up.

Stand in the face of adversity. Stand for an idea. Stand to empower the world.


In the Face of Adversity.

For an Idea.

to Empower the World.

My Book

The world watched as I took ten impossible steps on my college graduation day. That was just my beginning.

The Seven Longest Yards tells the unforgettable love story of how my wife Emily and I, battled unbelievable odds with faithful determination to discover that life’s lowest moments can be our greatest gifts.

I hope this book redefines your outlook on adversity, strength and resilience. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we all have the Power to Stand.