Chris suffered a severe spinal cord injury playing college football and was told he would never walk again. He defeated all odds and walked across the stage of his college graduation, which inspired millions across the world.

When it comes to your team, organization, company, employees or students … Do they believe they hold the key to their success? Do they believe regardless of the obstacle they can persevere? Do they believe that despite a rapidly changing & competitive world that there are better opportunities, if they are willing to evolve?

If they don’t, they will.

One moment, one idea, one speech can profoundly shape the future, which is why I bring to you…

The Power to Stand


Just like lightning comes before thunder, a powerful speech needs a strong introduction. Please download and familiarize yourself with Chris’s introduction below.

Pre-Event Questionnaire

Please take a few moments to complete the following questionnaire. Your answers will help us create the best experience possible for our audience.



Everyone faces change and challenges, but no one should be defined by them. Chris Norton suffered a severe spinal cord injury playing college football and was told he would never walk again. He defeated all odds and walked across the stage of his college graduation. His inspirational walk has been viewed more than 300 million times across the world.

Chris calls us to focus on response, instead of situation…to be defined by attitude, rather than circumstance. He shares a compelling story filled with laughs, tears and life-changing moments that give audiences hope and a new perspective. He demonstrates how attitude, effort and purpose can navigate the most challenging obstacles.

Chris calls us to recognize the great power within us all.

The Power To Stand

Room and Audio-Visual Requirements

Even the greatest speech can be viewed as ineffective when the room set-up is not optimal. To help ensure that Chris’s program meets your expectations, please review the A/V requests below and let us know if there are any challenges. Chris is flexible and will work with your A/V capabilities and your technicians to maximize the effectiveness of your platform.


  • Microphone Preference: Wireless ear set Countryman microphone. If this is not available, please have a wireless lavaliere or lapel microphone.
  • The microphone needs to connect to the room’s speaker system or independent audio equipment.
  • Speakers located in front and also behind the audience is recommended.
  • Please test all audio equipment prior to Chris’s arrival.


  • Chris will use slides and a video during his presentation. Please have an LCD projector available.
  • If there is WiFi please provide the login and password.
  • Chris controls his presentations through Apple’s Keynote app via iPhone or iPad and will have adapters that connect from his devices to a projection system that uses HDMI or VGA. For backup, we will have a flash drive with the presentation that can plug into a computer, if the devices are not working.


  • For keynote speeches, remove or set aside podiums or other large objects that will limit Chris’s ability to move about the stage or will block Chris from view.
  • A raised platform or stage (wheelchair access is preferred, but not required). This stage should provide the audience an unobstructed view of Chris during his presentation.

Room Environment

  • A bright stage will help keep audience focus at the front of the room. Chris will utilize the entire stage area and will stay toward the front edge. If the room has any spotlights, please aim them for a general wash of the front of the stage.
  • People are more alert in brightness. Dim the lighting on the screens but keep the house lights up.
  • Please do not over seat the room. If you are planning on presenting to 500 people, set chairs for only 500 (or even fewer). This will force the audience to fill all of the seats, including the front row.
  • The front row should be no further than 10 ft. from the stage.
  • It is requested that the chairs in the room are staggered, instead of directly behind each other. This will offer a better view to the audience members.
  • Using a dark backdrop on the stage will help accentuate the presenter during the event.
  • Please provide a table in the back of the room for Chris to sell his books after his talk if appropriate.

For questions or concerns please contact Brooks Wagner,