Even Though, I Will: Embracing Resilience in Life’s Darkest Valleys

Hi Friend,

One of the most famous Bible verses reads, “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23 NIV


Whether you are religious or not, there’s something powerful about an “Even though, I will” declaration. The psalmist doesn’t deny the reality of the ‘darkest valley’— the challenges, the pain, the uncertainty. But even in the midst of these struggles, they choose to overcome their fear and find strength in God’s presence and protection.


We need to find our own “Even Though, I Will” mindset. It’s a powerful way to approach life’s challenges with resilience and courage. It’s a two-part perspective that honestly acknowledges the realities of our struggles while also declaring our commitment to keep moving forward. I can relate to this with my own story. Even though I lost all movement from the neck down, I will not let it ruin my life.


The ‘even though’ part is about facing our challenges head-on, validating our experiences and emotions. The ‘I will’ part is where the real power lies. It’s the declaration of our determination, our choice to keep going even in the face of adversity. It’s saying:

Even though I’m facing this challenge, I will keep taking steps forward.

Even though I’m feeling afraid, I will lean into courage and faith.

Even though I don’t have all the answers, I will trust the journey and keep learning and growing.

Even though _____, I will _____.

The ‘I will’ is a statement of agency and empowerment. It reminds us that even in our toughest moments, we have the power to choose our response.


This mindset doesn’t make our challenges disappear, but it gives us a powerful framework for moving through them with grace, strength, and resilience. So, the next time you face an ‘even though’ moment, add that powerful ‘I will’ to your perspective. Declare your commitment to keep moving forward, to lean into courage and faith, to trust the journey even when it’s hard. Remember, you have the strength and resilience to face any challenge that comes your way.


Your friend,


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