Made it on Netflix 🍿

Incredible news!!! My documentary film 7 Yards is now on Netflix 🙏🙌😮

To be on the world’s largest streaming platform means this film has the opportunity to encourage so many more people. This is helping to serve out my purpose in life- To inspire others. 


I can still remember the first evening people started calling me an inspiration. I thought Woah, you got the wrong guy. I’m not an inspiration! My dad would read to me messages from people on my CaringBridge site. Hearing words of encouragement while in the ICU helped me to deal with all of the emotions I was wrestling with at night. 


I deflected the notion of being an “inspiration.” All I was trying to do was to get better, not to inspire others. I didn’t think I qualified to be one. However, knowing my response to my painful experience was encouraging someone else to be hopeful in their adversity felt good. 


On the days I wasn’t motivated to keep going for myself I found the motivation to keep going for those who were watching my example. By considering everyone who was counting on my determination created a reason to keep fighting. It gave my pain a purpose. That purpose still drives me to this day. 


Just because you might not be called an inspiration doesn’t mean your actions and character are any less important. What you do and how you do things impacts everyone around you. Be a positive role model in your circle of influence. Always consider who is counting on you. It will keep you going when you don’t feel like it. 



My goal is to get 7 Yards on Netflix’s top 10 list! My hope is that it will be the most uplifting film of the year. Help me out by sharing the news on social media, friends, coworkers, and family. We have photos for you to use to share your excitement! Netflix will show the film on people’s main feed the more views and likes the film gets! Thank you for your unwavering support.