A Complete Stranger Did This?!

Yes, it’s true, not all heroes wear capes. I still can’t believe a complete stranger did this for my family just 2 weeks after my injury…

My parents and sisters were dividing their time between a hotel room across the street and my hospital room to ensure that at all times —there was always at least one family member with me.

One evening as we are hanging out in my hospital room there is a knock at my door. My dad opens it, and there stood a man in his late sixties.

The guy says,
“I know this is going to sound totally random, but I read an article about your son in the newspaper. My wife and I felt compelled to help in any way we could, so I got in the car and drove over to offer you to use our 3 bedroom condo while we are out of town for the next six months for the winter. It’s only 10 minutes from the hospital. It would be a place for you all to stay, shower, and do laundry. It sure would mean a lot to us if we could help.”

My stunned dad says, “Wow, that is incredibly generous of you, but you don’t know us. We’re complete strangers.”

The man says, “Sharing our condo is a way we can help. Please come on over and tour the place, meet with my wife and I. We’d be honored.”

So the next day, my parents had a tour of their home. And the man was right—the condo could not have been more perfect. It was close to the hospital and it helped us, as well as family and friends to avoid expensive hotel bills when they came to visit.

When you watch the news it can feel like we live in a dark and heartless world, but since my injury my family and I have actually discovered the opposite to be true. Time and time again we’re reminded just how many good people there actually are here on earth — like the generosity of a total stranger who was compelled to help us in anyway he could.

Speaking of generosity, it’s incredible to think 7 years ago we had a dream to start the Chris Norton Foundation. A nonprofit that could make things a little easier for those navigating life with a wheelchair.

As a result of this dream and our efforts, we have impacted thousands. Of course none of this would have been possible without you, the love and support of so many capeless heroes—

Your support has touched people’s lives in countless ways…

It is because of you that Rylee has a camp to look forward to all year long. Here is her story—

Rylee and her family’s smile says it all doesn’t it?

While I’m blown away by how far we’ve come and what we have done, I’m also completely humbled by how far we still have to go.

So please remember this:

It’s YOU, the capeless heroes that make this foundation go…

and it’s YOU that helps us grow.

Special thank you to everyone who came out to the Overcoming Adversity Dinner this past month 🤩 it was an incredible evening. Not only did we raise a record high $110k that night but my daughter Ava (10yr) stood me up at the end of my speech in front of 490 people!

Thanks to everyone, our “Capeless Heroes” who support our mission and our wheelchair camp. 🙏🏻