Motivation Marathon: 5000 Miles, 7 Speeches

With purpose and perseverance, you can achieve more than you know.​

Hey Friend!

I’m writing to share some highlights from an incredibly busy yet meaningful week. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to connect with so many wonderful people across the country. Though my travels have left little time for rest, the ability to share my message of hope and triumph over adversity provides fuel to my soul.
I was honored to deliver a keynote speech on leadership and vision at a conference in Georgia. I then quickly flew to Iowa, where despite some travel hiccups, we raised over $140,000 at the Chris Norton Foundation’s annual fundraiser, setting a new record! Those funds will help change lives through our specialized camps and special equipment grants.
I’ve also had the chance to inspire groups large and small this week – from an enthusiastic team of leaders to the UAB Women’s Basketball team, where I spoke about harnessing the power of being present in the face of setbacks. Among my favorite memories was listening to leaders from all backgrounds talk about times they overcame challenges that enabled them to grow. Their stories are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.
When the week wraps I’ll have traveled over 5,000 miles, taken nine flights and delivered seven talks across seven states in seven days! It’s not sustainable, but it’s been a gratifying week. The best part is always meeting people afterwards who say my story provided them hope. When someone tells me “I needed that,” all the time spent away from home feels worthwhile.
I want to thank all of you for your interest and support. Please remember that you have reservoirs of untapped strength within you. With purpose and perseverance, you can achieve more than you know. Let my journey inspire you to embrace your challenges as opportunities to grow and make a difference!

Your friend,


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