Be Like Georgia 👉 Why It’s Important

Hi Friend,

I just released some new merchandise for a limited time only. Some of the gear says Be Like Georgia. Some have asked what does that mean? For those who don’t know or to refresh those who haven’t heard the story for awhile here is why it’s important 👉


It was the middle of the fourth night in the ICU after my spinal cord injury playing football. I’m motionless from the neck down, scared, and wide awake. It’s not just worry that keeps me up. Every two hours a nurse enters my room to make sure my vitals are in check.  Their interaction with me is all very routine and clinical. But on this night, someone enters the room and makes a different choice from every nurse before her. She decides she is going to try to make an impact. 


She kneels down next to my bed and says, “Chris, look me in the eyes.” She was kind of mean about it. She’s a slender woman, in her 60s with short red hair, glasses, and she spoke like she walked straight out of a John Wayne western movie. Our eyes lock.  


She says, “My name is Georgia. I’m from Wyoming. Do you know anyone from Wyoming?” I say “no” and I’m thinking…Where is this going?


She continues, “Well, people from Wyoming don’t tell lies. I’m here to tell you—you will beat this. You will beat this.” She delivers these words with so much conviction I instantly start crying. 


Up to this point I questioned whether all the time and effort I was putting towards my recovery would ever pay off. I believed Georgia and in that moment my faith felt restored. The next day, when I started physical therapy, I heard her 4 words echoing in my head,  “You will beat this!” Day by day, I got stronger.


Georgia could have easily done what every nurse has done before her and choose to leave the room after checking my vitals but she didn’t. She decided she was going to try to make an impact. To be kind and encouraging. It’s because of Georgia I discovered how much impact our words and actions can make. Understand you don’t have to be a nurse to make a difference. 


This is why I have gear that has Be Like Georgia on it. Because what if we all tried to be like Georgia this Holiday season? Looking for ways to uplift people. Going above and beyond what’s expected of you. Leading with kindness, patience, and love. It’s easy to do these things when you can see or know of someone who is struggling. But let’s be honest, we all have our days and deal with our own demons and obstacles. I challenge you to be like Georgia to everyone, even if you can’t see their challenge. 

Take care & Be Like Georgia 👍