2020 Challenge & Memories

When I reflect on my 2020, I naturally think of everything that I missed out on or lost. I can think of a lot of things but who couldn’t the way this year has gone? However, when I asked myself and family what was your best moments of 2020, we all realized it was still a very special year. To name a few:

– Welcoming a child in foster care, KD 👶🏾 He is the happiest little guy I know. I could stop right there and this year would be incredible because of him.

– Being stood up by my daughter Ava at our Chris Norton Foundation dinner & raised lots of money for our wheelchair camp & mission. Plus, won big at the casino that night with my friends 😎 

– Delivering one of my best & the last live speech of the year and getting a standing ovation just days before COVID-19 shut down the U.S.

– Getting an elevator in the house so I can get up to our master bedroom, tuck in the kids to bed, and get to use my office instead of the kitchen table! 

– Having a cupcake 🧁 bake off. I was the lucky one to be the judge 😋 

– Welcoming 👦🏾 Tafari to the family and being able to take care of him temporarily. 

– Last but not least we have had all of our needs met despite the challenges. We have a safe, healthy, and happy family. ❤️

The more I reflected the more I found great moments in the past year. But don’t get me wrong… I’m so ready for 2021! 

This is my challenge for you: Come up with 7 special moments of 2020. Do it as a family! Anything that makes you smile or proud. I would love to know what you came up with!

I hope today and this week everyone takes a moment to reflect on your special & happy moments of 2020. 

Happy NYE,