7 Yards Film Coming Soon

Hi Friend,

I can’t put into words how excited I am! It’s been a 3 year journey to film and launch my documentary film 7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story but the wait is almost over! The film is set to be release on streaming platforms this February of 2021. The news was first announced by Deadline and you can read the full article here. But stay tuned for more details and news to come!

7 Yards is a feature-length documentary that explores the resilience and perspective of myself and you get to hear from others who have come along side me over the past 10 years. In October 2010 at age 18, I suffered a debilitating spinal cord injury during a college football game. Doctors gave me just a 3 percent chance to ever move again. But I defied that diagnosis.

The film features powerful interviews, emotional reenactments and real footage from our 2018 wedding. It’s the inspirational comeback story of my journey from college athlete to medical miracle to viral inspiration and now adoptive father. I promise it will inspire you!!! Watch the trailer here