31 Lessons Learned Over 31 Years

I celebrated 31 years of life this past Monday. Time feels like it’s going faster and faster. I swear it was not very long ago when I turned 21. I have learned many things along the way.  In fact I will share 31 lessons that have impacted me. 


  1. This moment is what’s real and important, tomorrow is an idea. 
  2. Personal responsibility is the key to being resilient. 
  3. True strength is displayed through your character, not your muscles. 
  4. The quality of your relationships is a reflection of the quality of your life. 
  5. There’s no shame in asking for help. 
  6. If you only focus on what’s wrong you will never see what’s right. 
  7. With every difficult situation ask yourself “What can I do?”
  8. When you are lacking purpose, ask yourself “Who is counting on me?”
  9. Get rid of all excuses, they only hold you back. 
  10. Trying and failing feels a lot better in the end than not trying at all. 
  11. The greatest gift you can give is your attention and appreciation. 
  12. Live as if your days are numbered because they are. 
  13. Always speak your goals and dreams out loud, manifesting works. 
  14. You are the average of the 5 closest people you spend time with. 
  15. Big people help others feel bigger. 
  16. Make time for reflection and restoration. 
  17. Words have the power to change worlds. 
  18. Truest thing about you is what God says about you. 
  19. Give selflessly what you hope to receive. 
  20. How you make people feel is how people will remember you. 
  21. External remedies and accomplishments will never solve internal problems. 
  22. Accept what’s out of your control in order to give more energy to what’s in your control. 
  23. Be quick to apologize & forgive then learn from it & forget. 
  24. Time is never wasted when spent with those you love. 
  25. Manage your emotions & impulses so they don’t manage you. 
  26. If you don’t like where you are, then do something about it. 
  27. Instead of criticizing and blaming others, look in the mirror. 
  28. Meekness is not weakness. 
  29. Read everyday. 
  30. You can’t influence someone who doesn’t feel heard & understood. 
  31. Your life is as rich as the lives you enrich. 

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