Think About What You Are Thinking About

Hi Friend,

Why is change so hard? Well let’s face it… moving from what’s known to the unknown is uncomfortable. But any significant change worth making requires enduring discomfort. Because we are conditioning our minds and bodies to behave differently than what it’s been taught/programmed to do by us. It takes a concentrated effort to change what we are subconsciously doing. It’s crazy to believe but 95% of what we do is subconscious! So, unless we start thinking about what we are thinking about then change will be nearly impossible. 


Everything starts with a thought before there’s an action. There’s this loop of thought < action < emotion then back to < thought in a loop. Over an extended period of time this loop then gets hardwired into our bodies. So if you keep thinking negative thoughts your body will become accustomed to negative thinking & feeling. So much so that you will seek it out subconsciously, like an addiction to negativity. 


Here’s what’s fascinating 🧐 Our bodies cannot tell the difference between experiences that are reality or the imaginary. Between the past, present, and future. Dr. Joe Dispenza said in order to change your personal reality then you need to change your personality. Your personality consists of how you think, how you act, and how you feel.

The good news is then we can change our entire life by elevating our thoughts. Trading our shame, blame, guilt, and anger for emotions like gratitude, joy, or love. We can think ourselves into an entirely different person, but that takes a substantial amount of awareness to be conscious of the unconscious.

So are you going to be defined by a vision of the future or are you going to live by the memories of the past? 


This entire message is my shortened Cliff Note from this great podcast episode on the Ed Mylett Show with Dr. Joe Dispenza about unlocking your mind’s full potential. I encourage you to give it a listen. 


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