Do you hate waiting for this as much as I do?

Do you ever feel like you aren’t progressing? You are putting in the work but don’t have much to show for it. That’s how I feel at times and it’s a deflating experience. I have to remind myself that just because you are unable to see the progress doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

During the hot humid summers of Florida I feel that we are always having to refill our pool. I look outside and see the water line is too low so we stick the hose in to fill it back up. What I find interesting is that when the hose is running and spraying outside the pool it feels like water is going everywhere, and it needs to be shut off quickly to not make a wet mess.

Once it’s in the pool then it appears nothing is happening. Even after 20min the water line doesn’t seem like it’s gone up at all! I start to wonder if the hose is even on and have taken it out of the pool to be sure. However, after an hour or so then you can easily see the progress of the water rising to the top.

I see the pool as our life and the hose as the work we are putting in. We start to work on ourselves then immediately look to see if progress is being made. We expect to see immediate results. When you can’t see progress you start to question if it’s even working or may just give up on it all together. Unfortunately, progress isn’t always instant like we wish it would be. Often times it takes waiting before we can verify the growth or changes we have made.

So don’t give up on the efforts you are putting into your life too quickly. Give it time. It could very well be working; it’s just not easily identifiable.

  • Don’t stop dieting or exercising because you can’t see weight loss or health improvements.
  • Don’t stop grinding and working hard because you don’t see your career or businesses grow.
  • Don’t stop taking time and care of your relationships because it’s too late or doesn’t appear to be getting better.
  • Don’t stop praying because you don’t see an immediate breakthrough.

Give it a little more time. Be patient.