Surprising New Way to Boost Morale

Over the years I have done over 100 live presentations for conferences, organizations, churches, and schools. Not surprisingly, these past few months I have made the transition to virtual presentations and have been surprised by the results.

I was under the assumption that if I couldn’t be in person that I would make less impact. Although the medium has changed, the impact has not. With virtual it’s right up close and maybe even more personal than being 10-100ft away from a stage. I have had people disable their cameras because they didn’t want people to see them crying!

I wanted to let you know that a virtual presentation might be the perfect fit to boost morale for your employees, team, members, customers, or students. I want to help you thrive during this time and to take on your obstacles with more hope & inspiration than ever before.

If you would like to schedule a virtual keynote or get more info email, (include VIRTUAL in the subject line) or call my booking agent Jeannie at 773-680-9800.