Power of Trying When You Think You Can’t

We only understand our capabilities when we dare to try.

Hey Friend!

Do you ever feel like you are holding yourself back? Too often we place self-imposed limitations on ourselves. We underestimate what we are truly capable of before even trying. 
I remember back in college when I dropped my water bottle on the floor. I asked my sister Alex to pick it up for me. In true sisterly fashion, she refused and said, “No, you need to try getting it yourself first.” I was ticked! I was convinced I couldn’t do it, although I hadn’t even tried before… Reluctantly, I began my attempt and eventually figured out how to retrieve the bottle. I completely surprised myself! That small moment made me think – what else in my life am I holding myself back from? It gave me more confidence to try new things I had previously closed myself off to.
I realized that we only understand our capabilities when we dare to try. 
Often, our self-imposed limitations are not physical, but mental. We allow our doubts, fears, and insecurities to convince us that we can’t accomplish something before we even try. We look at a goal and only see reasons why we might fail, rather than having the courage to give it our best shot.
What my sister gave me that day was the gift of believing in me more than I believed in myself. Her faith in my abilities encouraged me to push past the boundaries I had set for myself. Thanks to her, I dared to try and found strength I didn’t know was there. 
By surrounding ourselves with supportive individuals, letting go of self-imposed limits and having courage in our abilities, we may discover our potential is far greater than we imagined.

Your friend,


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