The Scary Phobia You Didn’t Know You Had

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Hey Friend!

You know which phobia I think is one of the scariest that never makes the list? Asking for help. 


The reality is that a little assistance can help you go much further and faster. I’ll never forget the first time a stranger gave me an unsolicited push up a steep dorm hill in my wheelchair…


Exhausted halfway up the hill with no friends around, I was determined to make it alone. I hate asking anyone for help, especially people I don’t know. I always aim for total independence whenever possible. 


Gripping my wheels tightly as I slowly rolled backwards down the hill, the campus was oddly empty. I was freaked out until I heard a kind voice behind me ask, “Do you need a push?” With her help, I made it to the top.


Without that push, I would have crashed back down the hill, simply because I was too reluctant to ask for a little help. 


This experience showed me the risk we take by being too prideful to request assistance when we need it. Most of us secretly hate asking for or even accepting help because we fear vulnerability, losing control, crave independence, or worry about being an imposition. 


But needing daily assistance forced me to understand there is no shame in asking for help. It often propels you forward faster than struggling alone. We all require help at some point, and it’s okay to ask for it.

In fact, a study at Stanford University found that people underestimate others willingness to help. They also found that those who offer assistance are happier after conducting acts of kindness.


Without the help of others, I never could have graduated, married my wife, written books, or become a professional speaker. I’m living proof that humbly asking for a push when you need one, with sincere gratitude, is a hidden power that can help you achieve your biggest dreams.

Your friend,


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