Celebrate Your Wins

​“It is quite impossible to unite happiness with a yearning for what we don’t have.” – Epictetus 

It’s easy to get caught in the societal pressure of looking to the horizon for the next achievement. The problem is no matter how fast you move you will never reach the horizon. Once you get to the next level then it’s on to a higher level and the cycle repeats. Craving more or better. More money, more followers, more business, better things, better relationships, and more success. If you aren’t careful you will stop appreciating where you are and how far you’ve come. That’s why It’s important you celebrate your wins and progress. I was thankfully reminded of this lesson just this last weekend. 


On Saturday it was our annual Chris Norton Foundation Dinner Fundraiser. Our largest and only fundraiser of the year. My goal was to raise $125,000 because the previous fundraiser we raised $110,000. However, our attendance numbers were down from 490 to 360. It had me worried, would we hit our goal? Then one of our board members, Pat, told me something at the event that alleviated my worries. 


With a laugh he said, “We sure have come a long way since that Walmart parking lot.” His words instantly brought me back to our first foundation fundraiser in 2012. It was a run, bike, and roll event. Maybe 50 people showed up and half of them were volunteers 😂. There was a bike trail that connected the hospital parking lot with a Walmart parking lot. We raised maybe $7,000 and $5,000 of it was from one donor. However, I remember the pride we felt for putting on the event and giving the funds to the local hospital in order purchase a state of the art functional electronic stimulation (FES) rehab bike. Everyone in the entire region who dealt with a neurological disorder would now have access to it even if you weren’t a patient at the hospital.


Pat was absolutely right. We have come a really long way! Since that parking lot fundraiser we have raised over $1.3 million. I was suddenly filled with pride reflecting at all the hard work everyone has put in to grow the foundation to where it is today. It has benefited thousands of families through our grants and wheelchair camp. It has impacted people who have a spinal cord injury, TBI, Parkinson’s, stroke, among many other health conditions. So what if we don’t hit $125,000. We are changing lives and that’s why we started the foundation in the first place. 


BTW we came pretty darn close and hit $120k!!! 👏👏👏


Perspective is everything. Take a step back and reflect on how far you have come. Remember your desire for more and better is the enemy to your satisfaction. It’s easy to keep your head down and focus on the next goal. However, look up and look back. Take time to not just remind yourself but celebrate the wins and the progress you have made.